PETS IN THE HEAT – Hot Cars Kill!

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Yes, we have all heard it all over the news EVERY summer…DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PETS IN THE CAR IN THE SUMMER…not for one second while you run into the bank, not for 3 minutes while you run into the LCBO for BBQ drinks, not EVER for ANY amount of time. It’s just not safe.

I think we underestimate just how hot it actually can get in a car in the heat of the summer sun, even with the windows cracked. Every year we see animals in that are suffering from heat stroke or heat exhaustion from being in a car too long in the heat.

When an animal gets too hot in the car, their core body temperature increases. Increases in core body temperature are not well tolerated which is why we have mechanisms that kick in to try to cool us down. Humans can sweat through our skin to cool down…but dogs and cats can’t! They attempt to dissipate their heat through their paw pads and through their respiratory system via panting (yes, cats can pant too!).

Check out this great video illustrating just how hot it can get in a car as demonstrated by Dr. Earnie Ward:

(c) Erin Mills Pet Hospital

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