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Another year and decade has flown by! We are so grateful to all of our loyal clients, both long standing and brand new. We love seeing new puppies and kittens, but even more than this, the time spent with families and their pets to the “golden years” is both a privilege and a source of joy to all of us. Building relationships over health care is a truly special bond. We have been witness to all the ups and downs, celebrating the years of great health, and being a part of the many decisions that lead to best health care when problems flare up. Medicine, surgery and dentistry are areas of constant change as more and more, the limits are being extended in what is possible now compared to even 10 years ago. As a partner in your pets health care, we wish to offer the solutions that meet your needs.
Thank you for your ongoing trust.
May we all have a healthy year ahead!

Sincrely, Dr. Starink

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