• Oct 21 2021

    The Dog Park: Can We Make It Better?

    The Dog Park: Can we make it better? To dog owners, nothing is quite so alluring, or intimidating, as “The Leash-Free” or “The Dog Park”. It sounds so innocent and…

  • Oct 29 2020

    Health in the time of COVID

    How to optimize your pets’ health care during the time of COVID We are all feeling the effects of a year like no other. Our condolences to all families in…

  • Mar 16 2020

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    A Message from Erin Mills Pet Hospital on COVID risks

    As a patient at Erin Mills Pet Hospital, your pet’s health is our top priority. We are monitoring the spread of COVID-19 and we are aware of the dangers it…

  • Jan 02 2020

    2020 Time to reflect, and look forward to better health!

    Another year and decade has flown by! We are so grateful to all of our loyal clients, both long standing and brand new. We love seeing new puppies and kittens,…

  • Jun 02 2018

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    Why I Practice Heartworm Prevention in my Cat

    by Dr. Ashna Varma BVM&S MRCVS HEARTWORM. You hear about it every year from your veterinarian come summer, and follow through the very important motions of a blood test to…

  • Feb 01 2018

    DENTAL HEALTH MONTH – Join the Fight for Pearly Whites!

    DENTAL HEALTH MONTH – Fixing Smelly Situations! Does your pet have discolored teeth? Do they not like you to touch or look in their mouth? Can you barely stand to…

  • Jan 01 2018

    You and Your Pets Deserve the BEST!

    At Erin Mills Pet Hospital we strive to deliver your pets the most up to date care and medical advancements. We accomplish this in part by being an active member…

  • Sep 28 2017

    Reduce the Rabies Risk!

    Rabies, and why this disease matters to you and your family. Written by Dr. Jacqueline Starink DVM Erin Mills Pet Hospital Rabies. A terrifying and incurable disease that can affect…

  • Mar 04 2017

    TICK AWARENESS! Having a Tick Talk :)

    TICKS AND LYME DISEASE Lyme disease is something that isn’t really on our radar as far as a typical disease that our pets can get, but since we have experienced…

  • Dec 30 2016

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    Holiday Message 2016

    Dear Friends, All of the team at Erin Mills Pet Hospital join me in expressing our sincere wishes to you and your family for a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season!…