WE ARE SEEING A LOT OF TICKS! Any time the temperatures fluctuate above 4*C ticks are active and ready to bite you or your pet for a blood meal! Please make sure your pets are protected to prevent ticks from spreading diseases to us and to them! Click here to learn more

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    Does your pet’s breath smell bad? Are their teeth looking discolored? WE CAN HELP! 🙂 February is Dental Health Month at Erin Mills Pet Hospital! Click here to learn more about dental month!

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    Does your pet’s breath smell? Are their teeth discoloured or covered in tartar? During the month of February we are going to be hosting our annual Dental Health Month for your pets! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

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  • It’s Only The Best For Our Patients!

    At Erin Mills Pet Hospital we pride ourselves in offering your pets the most up to date advancements in the veterinary medical field. We always strive for excellence in patient care. Let us show you how much we love what we do at Erin Mills Pet Hospital and book an appointment today!

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  • Welcome to Erin Mills Pet Hospital!

    Your local veterinarian in Mississauga! Contact us today to schedule your pet for an appointment with one of our wonderful veterinarians!

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    Being accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association means we hold ourselves to a higher standard, and that your pet is receiving care at a hospital that has passed the highest standards in veterinary care. Not all animal hospitals are accredited! Learn more by clicking on this slide!

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  • We Now See Exotic Animals!

    Our exotics veterinarian, Dr. Gillian Park, is currently on Maternity Leave but she will be back in November 2018! Until then, if you have questions about your exotic pet please call us and we can direct you to get the care they need!

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  • Canine Behaviour Services – Amanda Adamiak!

    Our Veterinary Hospital in Mississauga offers canine behaviour services with Amanda Adamiak! Services offered include dog aggression, pre-pet counseling & more!

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